About Wāginä

Hi Friends, My name is Wāginä (pronounced One-Jin-Nah) and I am a Shaman based in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney. I am the owner of Shaman Sage and I also am the founder of Shamanic Drums and Sound Healing With Mark.

Wāginä : Founder of Shaman Sage

To try and put down “Who I am” in words seems like a futile exercise because essentially, I am someone whose journey is to learn and grow. I am constantly changing. Evolving. My goal in life is simply to be a better person than I was yesterday.

I have been immersed in sound since a young child and played my first drum kit at the age of 11. I was then fortunate enough, with the support of my loving family; to follow my dreams and have a career in the Music Industry as a Music Producer and Engineer. With extensive experience in the industry spanning over 18 years, I was fortunate enough to have shared the studio space with some of the worlds best engineers, producers and musicians.

My holistic journey began about 10 years ago when I had the opportunity to meet His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet; when he was on one of his many tours to Australia and since then, I have been on the journey of fulfilling my purpose.

When you take time out to think about the question, Who am I? – You inevitably stop and think about all the things that you truly believe in. What is it that you stand for? This brought me to think about a teaching that I once received; that I will cherish for a lifetime. These principles are a great way at looking at life and they truly resonate with me. Please excuse my abbreviation of these teachings but they fundamentally are;

The world is what you think it is and there are no limits.
All energy flows where attention goes and now is the moment of power.
To love is to be happy and all power comes from within.
Finally, and most importantly; Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

I have embraced these principles and they have changed my life.

They have changed the way that I look at the world and they have also changed the way that I interact with all the people that I share this world with.

So, there is a little insight into me… I wish you all happiness friends ❤️