Frankincense Resin Incense : 15grams

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Frankincense Resin Incense : 15grams

In modern magical traditions, Frankincense is often used as a purifier – burn the resin to cleanse a sacred space that needs to be purified.

Many people find that it makes a perfect incense to use during meditation, energy work, or chakra exercises. In some belief systems, Frankincense is associated with good fortune in business.Our Frankincense resin incense comes in a 15 gram container.

To Use: Remove a Charcoal tablet and place in a censer, Abalone Shell or heat proof dish. Light the edge of the tablet with a lighter, match or candle. The tablet will then light across its surface. Then, sprinkle your resin on top.

Please Note: If burning incense, please do not leave unattended.


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